FEGA fixs aid to cotton in 985,49 €/ha admisible

FEGA has recalculated the Cotton Specific Payment after exceeding the national base area of 48,000 hectares. For the 2017 marketing year, 61,729. 08 hectares were eligible for payment, thus reducing the original amount. The Regions have been notified of the payment of a unitary amount of 985. 49€/ha.

The aid is granted to producers, per hectare of cotton determined, i. e. eligible after administrative, on-the-spot and specific checks on this aid. To this end, the legal requirements for granting the aid must be met.

As legally established in Article 58 of Regulation (EU) No 1307/2013, the reference amount applicable in Spain for calculating the amount of aid per eligible hectare is € 1,267. 53 for a national base area of 48,000 ha.

Where the area determined exceeds the base area, the amount of aid shall be reduced in proportion to the overrun of the base area. In this season, the area determined for the specific payment for cotton cultivation finally communicated by the Regions was 61,729. 08 hectares, as broken down below by Regions.

With this information, FEGA has carried out a provisional verification of the possible exceedance of the National Basic Area and communicated to the Regions a definitive unit amount of aid for the 2017 season of 985. 493611 €/ha, made the reduction referred to in Article 58. 4 of Regulation (EU) No 1307/2013.

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