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Tomato concentrate-based products

Our tomato processing plant has a production capacity of over 5,000 tons per day of fresh tomato harvested from our nearby fields.

Technological advances and our commitment to innovation enable us to deliver a premium quality product that far exceeds the existing food safety standards. The care put into the production process -from planting to harvesting- and the climate and soil conditions in the area allow us to create a unique processed tomato that is internationally recognised.

This enables us to produce tomato concentrate-based products that are benchmarks for excellence. Our Concentrated Tomato Paste and Concentrated Tomato Sauce are a case in point. They have been awarded a number of certificates, including BRC, UNE-EN ISO 9001, Halal, AENOR ISO14001 and Kosher.

We manufacture two types of tomato concentrate-based products:

Concentrated tomato sauces for pizzas with different concentrations (6-8º Brix, 10-12º Brix, 12-14º Brix, 14-16º Brix). Low concentration product ideal for production of sauces.

Low concentration product
ideal for production of sauces.

Concentrated tomato paste with different concentrations (22-24º Brix, 28-30º Brix and 36-38º Brix). High concentration products such as ready-to-use tomato paste.

High concentration product
such as ready-to-use tomato paste.

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The production capacity of our facilities allows us to manufacture several tomato concentrate-based products tailored to our customers’ requirements. Hence, the concentrated tomato sauce and concentrated tomato paste produced by Las Marismas de Lebrija are highly-valued internationally.