Tomato Concentrate: Processing Types - Marismas de Lebrija

Processing types

The concentrated tomato produced at Las Marismas de Lebrija SCA is made from 100% natural tomatoes grown by our farmers using environmentally-sound sustainable production systems that protect the environment and the product.

The tomatoes harvested in the fields around our facilities are transported to the processing factory, where they are thoroughly cleaned and sorted. The aim is to select only the best tomatoes to manufacture the best tomato paste or tomato sauce concentrate.

Following the selection process, where only the best make the cut, the tomatoes are crushed and subjected to heat treatment to obtain an end product with varying consistencies.

Different concentrated tomato production processes

The selected tomatoes can be subjected to different treatments. The most common treatments applied to tomato concentrate are described below:

HOT BREAK: Crushed tomatoes are heated to a temperature of between 80º and 100ºC. The product has greater viscosity.

COLD BREAK: The target temperature is between 50 to 80ºC. The product will be less viscous.

The Hot and Cold Break lines at our factory process tomato purée or crushed tomato, totally or partially deactivating certain enzymes that affect the viscosity of the product.

The process known as “break treatment” is similar to cooking tomatoes at home, albeit using a carefully monitored and controlled process.

The use of one type of treatment or the other depends on the type of tomato concentrate desired.