Agricultural Insurance - Agricultural Insurance Management - Marismas de Lebrija

Administrative services

Las Marismas de Lebrija SCA provides back office support and a wide range of services to our customers from our headquarters and through our departments.

In general, back office support includes everything needed for managing tax and labour compliance in our customers’ agricultural activities, as well as processing of grants and sector-specific advisory services (managing agricultural insurance, processing CAP aid, etc.). Customers may also contract other services such as telephone services and/or insurance.

Tax and Labour Consultancy

Our Tax and Labour Consultancy department will take care of the cumbersome “paperwork” with the Administration. A highly qualified, human team with years of experience will assist you with any tax and labour formalities with the Administration.

Our services include helping set up different types of companies and providing advice to enterprises and self-employed workers to determine the best legal status for their needs with the best performance and guarantees. We will take care of all formalities required to ensure your business runs smoothly under current regulations, so you do not have to worry about tax declarations or labour relations with the Administration.

We also draft lease contracts, prepare and file taxes and provide advice on these procedures. During the income tax filing period, we also prepare tax returns with absolute guarantee.


Las Marismas de Lebrija SCA has an Insurance Agency for our customers. We underwrite all types of insurance (motor vehicles, home, life, etc.). Request an estimate without obligation and compare our prices.

Our portfolio includes Agricultural Insurance, which can offer you peace of mind. It will protect your farm from problems caused by severe weather or any type of accidents that may affect your harvest. For instance, if you have an industrial tomato plantation, find out as soon as possible the different types of insurance we have for industrial tomato.

Telephone services

Unlimited calls and Internet with your mobile phone at the cheapest market prices. Take advantage of the most competitive rates with our Telephone Service. Professionals from the sector will assist and inform you about the advantages and best rates offered by our company. Request information without obligation and enjoy the security that comes from working with leading international telephone companies. You can finance your new mobile and pay it in convenient instalments on your phone bill.

Processing of aid

The portfolio of our Administrative Services also includes processing aid for farmers, in particular aid for modernisation and CAP aid. A qualified, professional team will continually advice you and process the different aid schemes available to you. In the case of the PAC aid, we not only take care of the processing, but also continually monitor the situation to solve any problems that may arise from this complex process. Years of experience and knowledge make us your best choice.