Productos Hortícolas: Cebolla - Productos Las Marismas de Lebrija


The three distinguishing qualities of the onions produced by Las Marismas de Lebrija SCA are taste, quality and eye-catching appearance. This top quality product is highly valued and demanded by our customers and markets.

This liliaceae is directly sown in December using precision machinery. This sets into motion a six-month cycle that lasts until June, when they are harvested. Like all other vegetables grown by Las Marismas, our technicians supervise the entire process -from soil preparation to harvest- to ensure food safety and quality.

When the tops of the onions fall over, it means that the onions are ripe. Onions should then be removed from the ground and allowed to cure, i.e. left to sun dry in the field. After this step, it is selected and harvested in boxes or bags for marketing.

The plethora of microelements and minerals in our soil give the onions their unique culinary properties with a distinct flavour that is valued by our most discerning customers.